Wheel Straightening

Wheel Straightening Service: 

A wheel that is out of round can affect the safety of your vehicle. A bent wheel will ruin the smoothness of your ride and lead to uneven tire wear. It can also cause alignment issues and even decrease fuel economy. We can straighten things out. 

 Unique Wheel Repair  only uses the most premium, American-made wheel straighteners available. We have the right experience and equipment to ensure the best possible results.


Aluminum Welding


TIG Weld Repair Service: 

Your low profile tires can look sleek and sporty. However, a thinner tire means less protection for your rim. Hitting one pot hole too many might lead to a cracked rim that leaks air.  Unique Wheel Repair  expert welders can perform a quality TIG weld repair and get you back on the road in no time.


Curb Rash Repair


Wheel Repair and Refinishing: 

Curbs can be bad news for your rims. But  Unique Wheel Repair  have good news! We can make your curb damage go away! We have repaired tens of thousands of wheels that have sustained contact damage. And we can get your wheels looking better than ever in no time.

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Powder Coating


Powder Coating including prep: 

Unique Wheel Repair offers full service powder coating of wheels, rims and other parts. We offer a wide variety of powder coat finishes ranging from OEM colors to any custom combination you can dream up to make your rims truly unique. Flat / matte finishes, gloss, effect layers and more. We know coatings and we know wheels. Let us give your project the attention it deserves.