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Unique Wheel Repair LLC is seen as an industry “one stop shop” wheel repair facility, servicing the many and varied requirements of all facets of the automotive industry with a full and dedicated service: pick up, safety checking, processing and return and delivery all completed traced and tracked in house.

Unique Wheel Repair LLC specialises in the refurbishment of new, old, genuine and after market prestige wheels. Unique Wheel Repair LLC proudly offers a range of industry leading services including

  • Rim Straightening
  • Cosmotic Rim Repair & Polishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting
  • Chrome Repair & Exchange
  • Cracked Rim Welding
  • CNC Lathe Machining
  • Performance Mount & Balance
  •  On-Site Mobil Repair Service
  • Please contact us to find out about the quality services we provide to insurance companies and the public customers.


776 Jernee Mill Rd. Unit 110,  Sayreville, NJ 08872
Open 6 Days A Week!!!
Monday to Friday 12 noon to 8 pm

Saturday By Appointment Only 

Our Services

Wheel Repair NJ


Hit a pot hole, scraped a gutter or had an accident?

Beware of imitations. Unique Wheel Repair LLC in the only wheel refurbishment company conforming to the latest guidelines and requirements for wheel repairs. Many company’s offer a quick fix such as quick “spray and rub” solution. At Unique Wheel Repair LLC you can be sure your wheel will be repaired properly and safely.

Unique Wheel Repair LLC prides itself on the services offered.


  • 24/48 Hour Turn Around
  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Aluminum Wheel Repair
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Wheel Straightening
  • Rim Painting
  • Rim Powder Coating
  • Powder Coating Car Parts
  • CNC Machinery, Machine Cut Wheels
  • Road Force Touch Balancing Machine
  • Custom Built Spray booths
  • Pick Up/Delivery


Powder Coating NJ


Powder Coating is one of our main services. Unique Powder Coating is strategically located in Central New Jersey, which makes us flexible in servicing NJ customers from North Jersey to South Jersey.

Our powder coating equipment enables us to powder coat large pieces up to 7 feet in length, as well as small parts for motorcycles, motorcycle frames, motorcycle rims, racing car parts, engine parts, and more.

Contact Us:

776 Jernee Mill Rd.
Unit  110
Sareville, NJ 08872


Monday-Friday 12 noon - 8 pm
Saturday - By Appointment Only

Tire Shop NJ


Unique Wheel Repair LLC, a renowned Tire Shop in NJ, deals with new and used tires. Besides selling tires
, we also provide tire repair, installation and maintenance services. We offer tires from reputed manufacturers and for all types of vehicles.

We Offer Expertise Solutions

Our professionals will help you study and analyze your vehicle tires and they will offer the best recommendations. Most times, you will be surprised but they will tell you that you need a tire change. This is an important thing that has to be done regularly to make sure that the car maintains safety & performance.

Our tire services are affordable and performed by our highly trained technicians with the top parts on the market today. We always want to make sure that once a vehicle leaves our tire service shop that it will be riding at its best.

Our Services Include:

  • Selling & Installing Tires for all Makes and Sizes of Vehicles
  • Mounting & Balancing of Low Profile Tires (Tires up to 35 inches)
  • Flat Tire Repair (Patch or Plug)
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Tire Rotation
  • Liner Repair
  • Remounting & Balancing
  • And more…

Our Services

Aluminum Welding NJ

 Unique Wheel Repair LLC based in New Jersey (NJ) offers Aluminum Welding services for wide variety of automotives. We can weld repairs, or rebuild the damaged automotive parts.At Unique Wheel Repair LLC, all our welding experts have several years of comprehensive and collective knowledge and experience. We offer high quality welding work at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on fair prices, timely delivery and quality craftsmanship.We are certified in several different processes of welding. We also provide automotive repair & restoration apart from Aluminum Welding.Our Fabrication & Welding Services

  • Aluminum Vehicle Body Repair and Fabrication
  • Wide variety of welding TIG, Stick, MIG, for aluminum and cast aluminum
  • Customized modifications and trailers
  • Custom fitted vehicle bodies and modifications
  • Custom off-road fenders, winch mounts, bumpers, roll cages and much more
  • For you, simply we can weld pieces collectively too.
  • We can handle wide variety of welding tasks
  • Blade and Bucket rebuilding
  • We offer high polished aluminum products

Types of Repair Services We Offer

  • Repair & Maintenance of heavy duty as well as light vehicles on site and off site
  • Repair & Maintenance of excavators, small equipment and heavy equipment loaders, light duty trucks, cars etc.
  • Rebuilt  of differential, Transmissions, engines and transfer cases
  • For your convenience, we also offer welding services on site

Unique Wheel Repair LLC is dedicated to constant innovation and problem solving and is able to tackle a wide variety of vehicle repair jobs and assure guaranteed satisfaction for all services provided.We provide services to insurance companies as well as individual customers. Contact us today, if you need high quality Aluminum Welding in NJ. 

Curb Rash Repair NJ

 When the alloy wheels of your vehicle have been damaged with accident or other reasons, your best option is to look for a wheel repair service provider. Unique Wheel Repair LLC’s wheel repair and Curb Rash Repair service in NJ is designed to give you the best results possible. You can be rest assured that you will get the best service at the right price, when you choose our professional Curb Rash Repair service. Our repair centers employ certified technicians who have years of experience and they understand these specific issues and provide the best service for your satisfaction. Most common damages occur to your alloy wheels are Curb Rash, Scrapes, Small Grooves, Peeling, Hazed Clear coat and Abrasions. We can repair all aluminum and alloy wheels that have cosmetic damage such as:

  • Curb Damage (Curb Rash)
  • Facial Damage
  • Discoloration Due To Age
  • Oxidation
  • Brake Dust Stains
  • Damage From Acid Cleaning
  • Rim Straightening
  • Cosmetic Rim Repair & Polishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting

All wheels are color matched and clear coated to give it the same appearance as a new wheel. For a fraction of the cost of a new wheel, your wheels can be repaired to like new condition! Regardless if it's a domestic or import wheel we can make it look like new again. Most repairs take less than an hour. Our Curb Rash Repair is certainly cheaper than buying a new wheel.Contact us today if you wish to repair curb rash damage of your alloy wheels. We ensure 100% guaranteed satisfaction.Contact Us 776 Jernee Mill Rd. Unit  110 Sayreville, NJ 08872  (732)343-5900 Monday-Friday 12 noon - 8 pm Saturday - By Appointment Only wheelrepair77@gmail.com  

Pothole Rim Damage NJ

 Pothole Rim Damage is an unusual problem that many vehicle owners in NJ experience in their lifetime. When you hit a pothole or suspect pothole damage has happened, get your vehicle examined as quickly as possible. It can prevent the need for costlier repairs as well as more serious damage to other car parts by recognizing and repairing pothole wheel damage.Unique Wheel Repair LLC offers state of the art Pothole Rim Damage repair solutions in NJ for all types of vehicles. If you wish to repair Pothole Rim Damage of your vehicle then bring your vehicle to us. Our experienced technicians can set things right by performing a complete vehicle examination. They will identify pothole damage problems and find a fix.Our Pothole Rim Damage Repair Services Include:

  • Straightening Bent Wheels or Rims
  • Repairing Punctured Tyre
  • Refurbishing Pothole Damaged Leaks, Rusting and Dents
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Tyre Rotation and Balance
  • Alignment Check and Alignment Service
  • Repairing Wheel Rim Damage

The pothole rim damage restore experts at Unique Wheel Repair LLC can enhance the condition of your vehicle and wheels to a great extent as they can repair and restore any Pothole Rim Damage. We have the technical knowhow and expertise, in order to offer high quality pothole rim damage repair service for wheels which have been corroded, stone chipped or curbed.Please contact us today if you are looking for a Pothole Rim Damage repair service in NJ.Contact Us776 Jernee Mill Rd. Unit  110 Sayreville, NJ 08872(732)343-5900 Monday-Friday 12 noon - 8 pm Saturday - By Appointment Only wheelrepair77@gmail.com